Are we the right Physios for you?
While we'd like to help everyone, we just can't.  These questions help us determine if we're a good fit and also give you an idea of the best way for you to get out of pain so you can get back to doing the physical things you love.
Let's start with some easy questions...

What's your first name? *

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Another simple one

How often would you like to exercise per week?

You might be sidelined right now, but we generally work best with people who make fitness a priority

Here's our story

We know how frustrating it can be to experience pain that just won’t go away, to be side-lined, and unable to participate and enjoy the physical things that you love to do in life.  Throughout our experience of helping over 18,000 clients beat their injury, we have observed that there are two Finish Lines (results) that our clients want

How can we help you?

Of all your priorities, where does this fall?

'1' being the highest i.e. your number one priority

You might not have thought about this, but it's quite relevant.
Are you ready to do something about this now?

Can we call you?

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Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Thanks for applying, {{answer_26755798}}! 

If you're a good fit we will call to schedule your first consultation where we spend one hour with you to ensure you get an accurate diagnosis the first time (trust us, we've tried cutting corners here and it doesn't work) -- we call this the Discover Recover Session™

If you're not our ideal client then that is OK.  We'd still like to chat.  Maybe we could recommend another practice that might be better suited.

Either way, expect an answer from us very soon.
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